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Gregg's Long Striders

Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Davis Car
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


Formed in 3022 by Gregg Car (a former member of Wolf's Dragoons[1]), the unit had its first contract with the Lyran Commonwealth. In 3050 they were assigned to Launam, a world in the Federated Commonwealth.[2]

In the aftermath of the Clan Invasion, they broke their garrison contract and signed a new one with the CCAF.[3] House Liao posted them to Rollis.

House Liao took every available force during this time to bolster their defense after the Fourth Succession War. The Striders stand in payment with the CCAF for the next three decades. The Strategios "leased" their contract to the Magistracy Armed Forces in 3059. During their relocation to the Magistracy the unit suffered heavy looses when a dropship crashed, taking the aerospace and infantry assets with them. At the moment the unit is focused on rebuilding their ranks to its former strength.[4] Unfortunately for the Striders, they haven't been able to rebuild their conventional assets. Petitions to the Magistracy Command Center have been only answered slowly, if at all.[5]

Since their new posting in the Magistracy, the mercs began to search after hidden treasure. These activities caught the attention of local bandits, which began to raid Weistheimer. The experienced unit made short work of them.[4] As of 3067 the only thing the Striders have found is a paint factory from the Reunification War.[5]

As of 3145 the Long Striders were stationed in the Palm system.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Gregg's Long Striders
Colonel Gregg Car 3054
Colonel Davis Car 3067[4]
Colonel Darcel Leighton 3145[6]


The Striders favor cooperation with conventional forces, preferring to have the enemy face concentrated fire. [4]


They depend on the logistics of their employers. The unit has no integrated technical support and lacks any transport.[4]

Dragoon RatingsEdit


Dragoon Rating: C[4]


Rating: C[6]

Composition HistoryEdit


Gregg's Long Striders (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Colonel Gregg Carr
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Ford.


Gregg's Long Striders (Regiment/Green/Questionable)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Gregg Carr


Gregg’s Long Striders (Regiment/Green/Questionable) [9]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Launam. [9]


Gregg’s Long Striders(1 Regiment/Green/Questionable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Davis Car
  • XO/1st Battalion: Major Bob Boughner
  • 2nd Battalion: Major Danil Markov
  • 3rd Battalion: Major Bernadette Morgan

- The unit is 50 percent upgraded but has only 85 % of its original strength.


Long Striders (Veteran/Questionable)[6]

  • CO: Colonel Darcel Leighton[6]
- As of 3145 the Long Striders were operating at seventy percent of full strength and stationed in the Palm system.[6]


There is some discrepancy as to when the Striders left the employ of the Lyran Commonwealth. Mercenaries Supplemental claimed they left after the Fourth Succession War. Objective Raids made clear they were still employed with the Federated Commonwealth, and only left after the Clan Invasion.[4]


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