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Gregory Atlas

Gregory Atlas
Affiliation Terran Hegemony

Character HistoyEdit

Professor Gregory Atlas was the principal investigator tasked with refining of myomer bundles by the Terran Hegemony. The process of producing the first successful myomer bundle required not only great innovations in materials research, but also interweaving very low resistance effector circuitry within the synthetic musculature, decreasing the amount of bleed heat and power required for contraction. This work was accomplished as part of a collective effort, referred to as Operation Musclebound.

In 2350, the work by his team culminated in a 2 m long myomer fiber which was able to contract to 20 cm, or 10% of its original length, exerting a force in the contraction so tremendous that it destroyed the measurement weight system it was harnessed to.

For his efforts, Professor Atlas received a Nobel Prize. Professor Atlas's myomer technology was quickly adapted into the production of IndustrialMechs, giving the Hegemony another decided advantage in technological sophistication. Though not his intention, the Terran Hegemony also immediately began work on producing the first prototype BattleMech, the Mackie, an endeavor which took 20 Terran production firms almost 90 years to adapt.