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Hammer (Character)

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Hammer Leader
Also known as Hammer
Died 3066(?)
Affiliation Lindon's Battalion
Profession MechWarrior

Hammer was the lance leader of the Lindon's Battalion Mercenary Unit on Styk.


While on Styk, Hammer and his lance were taking serious losses against Capellan Confederation forces. He gave Spectre lance coordinates to his position to help his lance with the opposing mechs.[1]


Depending on whether or not you help Hammer Lance, they will appear to help the player or not at all:

(Honor Path)

"We are here for Spectre, but we are glad to help."

-- Hammer Leader to Officer Anderson about helping Spectre.

Should you save Hammer Leader and his lance, they will return the favor in the next mission.

(Infamy Path)

"Alpha Secure. We lost Hammer Lance."

--Spectre informing Castle about Hammer Lance's loss.

Should you let Hammer Leader and his lance die, they will not appear in the next mission.


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