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Hannibal Sradac

Hannibal Sradac.jpg
Hannibal Sradac
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Profession Star Captain

Hannibal Sradac (born 30?? - died 30??) was an Elemental officer of Clan Wolf during Operation REVIVAL.[1]


A Gentleman Among GiantsEdit

Elementals have often faced an unspoken discrimination from Clan MechWarriors, based on the mistaken notion that if so much attention has been focused on physical factors, mental attributes must surely have suffered. The red-haired giant Star Captain Hannibal Sradac shatters that stereotype. An able commander and battlefield tactician, Star Captain Sradac is also a historian of the ancient Star League culture. Commanding a Supernova Battle of the 328th Assault Cluster as of 3052, he is commonly seen directing his unit from the shoulder of one of his 'Mechs during faster-paced battles.[1][2]

Operation REVIVALEdit

During Operation REVIVAL, his unit would see significant action on Ferris, Verthandi and Lothan. He was wounded during the fighting on Tukayyid, where Alpha Galaxy acquitted itself admirably in achieving its goals against several Com Guard Divisions in the fighting at Brzo.[1][3][4]


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