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Harris Graff

Harris Graff
Died 3028
Affiliation Gray Death Legion
Free Worlds League
ComStar (double agent)
Profession Captain

"Harris Graff" (????-3028) was a MechWarrior and ostensibly a mercenary, employed as of 3028 by the Gray Death Legion. A double agent from House Marik, he betrayed the Legion as part of a plot by renegade ComStar Precentor Emilio Rachan and Lord Garth, Duke of Irian, to either acquire or destroy the Star League-era memory core located on the planet Helm.

He claimed that "Harris Graff" was of course not his real name.


Graff was a captain in the 5th Marik Guards when he was approached by Rachan and involved in the Helm plot.[1] On Rachan's orders he subsequently became a MechWarrior (piloting an Assassin) in the Gray Death Legion under the assumed name Harris Graff.

Tiantan MassacreEdit

Graff was with the Gray Death Legion when they invaded and seized the planet Sirius V for House Marik in 3028.

Under orders from Rachan and/or Lord Garth, he manipulated duty rosters after the world's surrender so that he would be on patrol outside the domed capital city of Tiantan. Killing two infantry guards, Graff allowed saboteurs to place several explosive devices in or on the domes of Tiantan. The detonation of the explosives collapsed the domes, exposing the inhabitants to the toxic atmosphere of Sirius V all of a sudden and killing over twelve million people in what became known as the Tiantan massacre.

Actions on HelmEdit

Graff continued his service with the Legion as they returned to their landhold on the planet Helm and found themselves in a shooting war with House Marik forces who considered them war criminals. During the fighting, Graff claimed a blown coolant seal on his 'Mech as an excuse to gain entry to the Union-class DropShip Phobos during combat, and subsequently allowed it to be captured by Marik infantry. Having seized the vessel from within allowed him to turn its guns on its nearby sister ship Deimos and force it to surrender, thereby neutralizing both vessels.

Graff was later captured in the fighting on Helm, when Gray Death Legion forces destroyed a Marik field HQ. When questioned (and threatened with being set free to walk among the Gray Death soldiers he had betrayed, with the implication he would be lynched) Graff revealed that ComStar, through Precentor Rachan, had learned of the cache on Helm and was interested in recovering it, which required the Gray Death Legion be removed from the picture. The information provided by Graff (mostly unwittingly) gave Grayson Carlyle the hints he needed to find, and gain access to, the hidden cache.

A few days later Graff escaped in a stolen hovercraft while the Legion was on the move, killing a guard in the process. He returned to the captured DropShips. This, incidentally, drew the guards away from both ships as they met in the middle to speak with Graff (at gunpoint) and gave nearby Gray Death Legion troops under Tracy Maxwell Kent the chance they had been waiting for to recapture them in a surprise action. It was later found that during the battle, Graff had been killed by a laser blast from the Deimos that had "exploded most of his body from the waist down".

The exact date of Graff's death is unspecified. Context indicates this happened in late March 3028; specifically, between 24 March (when the Legion had just made planetfall on Helm) and 01 April (when the memory core was retrieved from the cache in a running battle).[2]


  • At one point, Graff was mentioned to have brown eyes.[1]


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