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Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Armor

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Based upon the Light Ferro-Fibrous compound developed by Free Worlds League scientists, Durallex developed Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor for the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces in 3069.[1] The fires of the Jihad quickly spread the technology to other Inner Sphere powers. Durallex was inspired by Kallon Industries' idea to modify the amount of diamond in the armor, but went in the other direction. The result was a bulkier armor that was stronger.[1]


Game RulesEdit

In game terms, Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor takes up twenty-one BattleMech critical-hit slots or three combat vehicle item slots. The total number of armor points provided is multiplied by 1.24.[2]


Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Durallex Guardian Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Furillo/Hesperus II Defiance Industries DI Multipurpose VTOL [3]
Durallex Special Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Hesperus II Defiance Industries Manticore II Heavy Tank [4]
Hellespont Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Ares Quikscell Company Nisos Attack WiGE [5]
StarSlab-7 Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Sheriff Infantry Support Tank [6]
Valiant Plate Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Robinson Valiant Systems  ??? [citation needed]


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