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Hector Stewart

Hector Stewart
Born December 2977[1]
Affiliation House Stewart
Title(s) Earl of Stewart[2]
Position Speaker of the Parliament[2][3]
Profession Noble
Parents Androcles Stewart (father)
Siblings Ana Stewart[2]
Spouse Alicia[2]
Children Leonard Stewart

Hector Stewart was holder of the title Earl of Stewart and the position of Speaker of the Parliament.[4]


Speaker of the ParlimentEdit

Hector was elected to the position of Speaker mid-session in 3017 when long standing speaker Stephanie Alvarez died.[3]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Androcles Stewart
Earl of Stewart

Succeeded by
Leonard Stewart
Preceded by
Stephanie Alvarez
Speaker of the Parliament
3017 - 3025[3]

Succeeded by


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