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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Heligoland nearby systems (3151)
Heligoland nearby systems (3151)
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates 86.076 : -145.054[e]

Political AffiliationEdit

Planetary HistoryEdit

Fourth Succession WarEdit

Despite ComStar placing the Federated Suns under a communications interdiction after the invasion of Sarna in mid-3029, the Capellan Operations Command of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns received enough positive reports from the fifth wave of Operation RAT to launch the sixth wave in the second week of August 3029. The decision to launch wave six was in part driven by contact from planetary governments in the unconquered region of the Sarna Commonality, indicating that the perceived threat of being annexed by the Free Worlds League was prompting a groundswell of opinion among those governments that being absorbed by the Federated Suns was a preferable alternative to being conquered by House Marik. The countless raids and invasions by the Free Worlds League Military over the centuries had embedded an intense hatred of House Marik among the planetary populations within the region, and confidence in the Capellan Confederation's ability to defend them was falling.[14]

Heligoland was one of the targets of the sixth wave, with the invasion assigned to the Sixth Crucis Lancers Regimental Combat Team. Defending Heligoland at the time were Kingston's Legionnaires, a medium-weight 'Mech regiment. Rather than assaulting the Lancers' drop zones, the Legionnaires assumed defensive positions in the hills around the planetary capital city, Helio. This presented Marshal Orval Gossiage with a problem, as assaulting a strong enemy in a well-chosen defensive position was a receipe for casualties. When Gossiage's reconnaissance teams confirmed that Helio's only source of water was a reservoir located more than fifty kilometers away, Gossiage ordered the Lancers to capture the reservoir, cut off the water supply to Helio, and wait. Two weeks later, Colonel Martha Mathias of the Legionnaires had no choice but to attack, only for the Legionnaires to be mauled by the Lancers.[15]

Faced with a losing prospect Mathais contacted Gossiage with an offer to withdraw the Legionnaires and the planetary militia off-world, provided a number of set conditions were met. Those conditions revolved primarily around ensuring that the local population were treated fairly, but also included the demand that the Legionnaires and their families be transported to Minnacora, a nearby system still in Capellan hands. Knowing that he was placing his transport ships at risk, Gossiage decided to agree to the terms, and dispatched four DropShips and his two smallest JumpShips to transport the Capellan forces away. Everything went well, and Gossiage's role in preventing further bloodshed on Heligoland was noted by the AFFS, but he was also warned for risking the ships and the lives of their crews.[15]

Military DeploymentEdit



  • Kingston's Legionnaires (until September/October)[15]

Planetary LocationsEdit

  • Helio: the planetary capital city.[15]

Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 68 systems (66 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Matsu 11.8 Tsingtao 12.4 Remshield 12.5 Kaifeng 16.0
Truth 16.2 Mandate 19.0 Menkib 19.3 Kek 20.6
Lhasa 20.7 New Macao 24.3 Sakhalin 24.5 Zaurak 25.5
Moravian 26.3 Aosia 26.8 Minnacora 27.0 Highspire 29.5
New Athens 30.4 Ares 30.4 Lee 30.9 Cammal 32.2
Sarna 32.6 New Sagan 33.2 Vintru 33.5 Wei 34.1
Shipka 34.9 Plataea 35.2 Foot Fall 36.2 Sarmaxa 37.6
Staffin 38.4 Randar 39.2 Bell 39.6 Undra 39.9
Palos 40.8 Capricorn 41.4 Quemoy 42.1 Achilles 43.2
No Return 43.9 Perkasie 44.7 Ilmar 45.2 Relevow 46.0
Necromo 46.5 Gahral 46.8 Foochow 47.6 Lacadon 48.6
St. Andre 48.9 Bora 49.0 Gallitzin 49.0 Monhegan 49.2
Tsitsang 50.0 Hurgh 50.2 Ulan Bator 50.5 Oli 50.8
Ashkum 51.0 Hunan 51.3 Axton 52.0 Acala 52.4
Aer 52.6 Menkar 53.2 Alto 53.2 Jonathan 53.9
Capella 55.1 Brighton 55.7 Westphalia 57.0 Nashuar 58.2
New Aragon 59.2 Second Try 59.4 Gei-Fu 61.0 Yunnah 61.6


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