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Henry Calderon

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Henry Calderon
Died 2629
Affiliation House Calderon


Henry Calderon (b.25??, d.2629) was the only member of House Calderon that would accept the Protectorship from the Star League after Marantha Calderon 's surrender of the Concordat. Marantha's husband and consort Peter Carliss survived the War but refused to become regent for one of Marantha's three children (a daughter and two sons). Nor were Marantha's brothers, sister or her uncle and four different cousins interested in taking from the Star League authority over their wounded people. Henry was Marantha's nephew, and understood that both his family and his people would view him as a traitor collaborating with the enemy. But he believed that it would be better for a Calderon to lead and hoped to prove he could rebuild his shattered nation under the Star League. Henry faced a great struggle, but eventually won his people's respect and loyalty. In two major events durring his reign he proved he was no puppet for the Inner Sphere. The first was getting the SLDF to withdraw troops from the Concordat by 2605. With this act Henry removed the most glaring symbols of Star League repression. The second and more profound event occurred in 2613 when First Lord Ian Cameron became irrate when Herny began to offer sugestions to purely Inner Sphere issues. Henry replied to the First Lord and assembled Council "You fought to force my people to be repressented here, you will not keep my voice from repesenting them."[1]

Even with the vast influx of monies and technolgies from the Inner Sphere durring this time, many negative influences flowed from the same source; i.e. Colonists (grifters, scoundrels, carpet baggers etc.) descinded on the Concordat and the other Periphery nations. Henry remained hard pressed to keep his nation's singular identy intact while under the authority of the Star League. Yet he did so well at this that when he asked his people to allow him to select his heir to the Protectorship in a one-man-one-vote plebicite the grateful Taurians granted him that privilage. The choice was nesessary as there were competing bloodlines springing from Marantha Calderon as well as Henry's children.[2] In 2629 Henry chose his nephew Richard Calderon's daughter, four year old Consuelo Calderon. A few months later Henry passed away leaving behind a testement to the strengh and courage of the House Calderon.[3]


The sourcebook states Henry was married but not to whom, as well as mentioing Henry had childern but not how many or how old. As there is only one uncle to Marantha and no aunts that unamed uncle would be Henry's father.

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