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Herbert A. Beas II

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Herbert A. Beas II
Occupation Game Designer
BattleTech Line Developer (2007-2013)
BattleTech forum handle HABeas2
In-universe persona Bertram Habeas

A BattleTech and MechWarrior RPG player since 1990 and a writer for both since 1997, Herbert A. Beas II was the BattleTech Line Developer for just over six years, from 2007[1] through August 2013.[2] He previously served as Assistant Line Developer to Randall N. Bills "pretty much throughout the days of FanPro" in his own words.[3]

He has also contributed to numerous source books, both for BattleTech and other lines, as well as the occasional short story on BattleCorps.

Works for BattleTechEdit

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Source BooksEdit