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Herbert A. Beas II

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Herbert A. Beas II
Occupation Game Designer
BattleTech Line Developer (2007-2013)
BattleTech forum handle HABeas2
In-universe persona Bertram Habeas

A BattleTech and MechWarrior RPG player since 1990 and a writer for both since 1997, Herbert A. Beas II was the BattleTech Line Developer for just over six years, from 2007[1] through August 2013.[2] He previously served as Assistant Line Developer to Randall N. Bills "pretty much throughout the days of FanPro" in his own words.[3]

He has also contributed to numerous source books, both for BattleTech and other lines, as well as the occasional short story on BattleCorps.

Works for BattleTechEdit

See BattleTech work by Herbert A. Beas II


  • 2005 "Prometheus Unbound" (Part 2 of the Proliferation Cycle)
  • 2006 "Growing Up"
  • 2006 "Other Perspectives"
  • 2007 "To Serve and Protect" (Part 6 of the Case White series)
  • 2007 "The Hunt for Jardine" (Book 1 of the Forgotten Worlds series)
  • 2008 "Finding Jardine" (Book 2 of the Forgotten Worlds series)

Source BooksEdit