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Hermann Steiner

Hermann Steiner
Affiliation House Steiner
Parents Giovanni Steiner (father)
Siblings Alessandro Steiner
Sophia Steiner
Lisa Steiner

Hermann Steiner - Early 31st Century House Steiner nobleman, MechWarrior, and later monk.


Hermann is the brother of former Archon Alessandro Steiner. He was the commander of the 2nd Royal Guards. Steiner resigned his commission to prevent his brother, Alessandro Steiner from using him as a political weapon in Alessandro's attempts to depose Katrina Steiner.[1]

He withdrew to the world of Zaniah III, where he became the Abbot of St. Marinus House and took the new name of Brother Giles.

He sheltered Morgan Kell for eleven years at the sanctuary, even though Morgan never formally joined the sanctuary itself.[2]


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