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Vessel Profile
Previous names Hermes
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin


Exodus FleetEdit

The Potemkin-class cruiser SLS Hermes was one of the Star League Defense Force naval WarShips that survived the Hegemony Campaign to liberate Terra from the forces of Stefan Amaris and subsequently followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus, apparently under the command of Admiral Robert Nicholls. Among the DropShips it carried was the Mule-class Triptych Soliloquy.[1]

On 27 June 2785 the Hermes was scheduled to host an (unofficial) meeting to address civilian concerns about the fleet’s destination and schedule for arrival. The ship was noted to be packed with civilians, with a noticeable reek.

Andery Kerensky was duped into attending the meeting by "Jes Cole" (and implicitly his brother Nicholas Kerensky). Admiral Nicholls delivered a subtly critical speech and other speakers then made a political show of complaining about the particularly poor living conditions on the Triptych Soliloquy. Andery Kerensky was cornered into voicing his sympathies, his words being twisted into a statement of support by Admiral Nicholls.[1]

Andery Kerensky's presence would indeed turn out to have been engineered to orchestrate a rebellion. Some six weeks later the Hermes joined Admiral Votok of the Prinz Eugen in what would become known as the Prinz Eugen Mutiny.[1][2][3]

Clan ServiceEdit

As at 3061 the Hermes had been renamed Treachery and was a WarShip within the Clan Snow Raven touman. Serving as the CSR Treachery, the ship was one of five WarShips that made up the Circe Battle Star. Like the other ships of the Circe Battle Star, including the Treachery's sister vessel, the CSR Rook, the Treachery was tasked with transporting personnel and materiel belonging to Clan Nova Cat from the Clan Homeworlds to the Inner Sphere at this point in time. The fact that the Treachery was the former SLS Hermes was a fact kept quiet by the Snow Ravens.[2]

After the Snow Ravens relocated to the Inner Sphere, the Treachery was placed in orbit around Quatre Belle. There it served as the home of Facility 12-A, producing OmniFighters for the Ravens. In the late 3070's however, most of Facility 12-A was removed from the Treachery and attached to the Quatre Belle ShipYard to form Crest Foundries.[4]

The Dark AgeEdit

In or around 3090 the Raven Alliance found its need for a dedicated transport fleet of WarShips lessening, and Diamond Shark Khan Nagasawa saw an opportunity for a beneficial trade. In 3091 he proposed to Clan Snow Raven that four Diamond Shark WarShips be exchanged for four Snow Raven WarShips. This proved a contentious proposal for the warriors of the Snow Raven touman, but ultimately the trade was agreed. The Diamond Sharks transferred four WarShips to the Snow Ravens - the Nightlord-class battleship Terror of the Deep, the Essex-class destroyers Tracy and Architeuthis and the Fredasa-class transport Swift Strike - and in exchange received three Potemkin-class cruisers (the Epimetheus, Treachery and Wild Swan) and the Volga-class transport Scavenger.[5][6][7]

The Diamond Sharks evidently renamed the four ships, although it is unclear exactly what the four ships were renamed to. Three Potemkins were active amongst the various Khanates of Clan Sea Fox in the Dark Age with names previously unseen in canon, suggesting that the Epimetheus, Treachery and Wild Swan correspond to these three ships, but this has yet to be confirmed. The three newly-detailed Potemkins are the Atlantean, the ArcShip of the Skate Khanate, the Abyssal, home to the Skate Khanate's Beta Aimag and the Voidswimmer, home to the Delta Aimag of the Spina Khanate.[8]


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