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Hideoshi Yamika

Hideoshi Yamika
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Profession Weapon Chief Researcher

Hideoshi Yamika (born n/a - died n/a) was Chief Researcher for Buda Weapons and was credited with the design of the Large X-Pulse Laser.[1]


Hideoshi Yamika and his team had built at least three prototypes of the Large X-Pulse Laser and was seriously intent on battlefield testing them. As the Battle of Luthien was raging at the time, Yamika smuggled his team and himself onto the planet in September of 3073. By March of 3074, the Word of Blake's ROM had discovered his presence (and high value) and sought to capture both the complete team and the prototypes. In an assault on the Buda Weapons Skytower complex, the Kokuryu-kai unwittingly ground down the Loyalist defending forces for the Word of Blake, whom captured both Yamika and the prototypes, last seen being loaded onto a DropShip.[1]

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