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Honornames were surnames used by the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command. Based on the Clan idea of Bloodnames, an honorname is based on the surnames of Dragoon heroes.


The Honorlines were descended from the surnames of the warriors who originally accompanied Jaime and Joshua Wolf to the Inner Sphere.

To be eligible to enter an Honorname Trial, the challenger must fit the proper ageframe, not be under disciplinary ban and not already be the holder of a bloodname. All eligible Dragoons with a genetic link to the Honorlines are honorbound to participate in the Honorname Trials. [1] Unlike Bloodnames, there is no limit to the number of holders of an honorname. This is due to the fact that the honornames are adjudicated by ageframe.[2] Therefore members of a sibko that entered service in 3060 could have the same honorname as the members of a sibko who entered service in 3070.

By early 3053, the Dragoon Sibkos were entering their trainees in Honorname Trial competitions for the youngest ageframes.[3]

In the aftermath of the Dragoon Civil War, the surname "Wolf" was added to the list of Honornames in honor of Jaime Wolf, with competitions held in the ageframes for Mackenzie Wolf and Alpin Wolf. General Maeve won the honorname when no other Dragoon challenged her right for it.[4]

Unlike Bloodnames, an honorname is open to any Dragoon who wished to fight for it.[2]

Known HonornamesEdit


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