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House Borge-Steiner

House Borge-Steiner
Title(s) Archon
Founded 2914
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth

House Borge-Steiner is a cadet line of House Steiner, founded in 2914 when Simon Borge-Steiner abdicated the throne of the Lyran Commonwealth in favor of his sister Tatyana. They were the ruling branch of the family during the late Jihad, Republic and early Dark Age eras, losing control of the Commonwealth first to House Brewer and then ultimately back to House Steiner-Davion.



Borge-Steiner Family TreeEdit

House Steiner
Eric Steiner
Tatyana Steiner
Simon Borge-Steiner
House Steiner
Cohran Steiner
Carla Steiner
Pete Steiner
Roman Steiner
Sarah Steiner
Andrew Steiner
Adam Steiner
Heather Fyhne
Tabitha Steiner
Amanda Steiner
Andrew Steiner II
Frederick Steiner
Claire Steiner
Klaus Steiner
Melissa Steiner
Roderick Steiner

Family Heirlooms and HoldingsEdit