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House Zibler

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House Zibler
Title(s) Count of Euclid
Affiliation Federated Suns

House Zibler is a minor noble family found within the Federated Suns.[1]



The Zibler family owes their position more through military deeds than possession of a particular world. This family's ascent began during the First and Second Succession Wars for heroic military service. As the centuries went on, many of the descendents of those first Ziblers have entered into the service of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns where they have excelled. Their commitment to duty and their performance in the line of fire for their nation has earned many of these individuals a variety of knighthoods, baronies and countships throughout all the Marches.

Zibler Family TreeEdit

Victoria Zibler
Jayanti Zibler
House Terlecki
Andrew Terlecki II
Ariel Zibler
Andrew Terlecki III
Andrei Zibler
Jeremiah Rankin
Heather Zibler
Alecto Zibler
Megara Zibler
Tisiphone Zibler

Other Known members of the familyEdit

As of 3067, the Zibler line could count nearly a dozen general officers within the AFFS and dozens more serving in almost all the branches of the military.[2]

Family Heirlooms and HoldingsEdit

Some time after 3010 John Zibler II was awarded the County of Euclid as a landhold, displacing House Fessul.[3]


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