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Howl Keshik (Clan Wolf)

Howl Keshik
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy


In 3143 during the Nineteenth battle for Hesperus II elements of the Howl Keshik fought the Schachtebich Jägers mercenary command. While trying to escape from outside the Defiance Industries factory after the retreat of the LCAF forces, the Schachtebich Jägers found a Star of the Howl Keshik from Clan Wolf after they had just destroyed a group of Clan Jade Falcon east of the Sulden Uplands in North Whitman. The Schachtebich Jägers were able to destroy this Star, only to be detected two hours later by a reconnaissance Nova from the Howl Keshik. This time, the fight was tougher, and though they were able to destroy the Nova, only two MechWarrior survived. Though they tried to hide, they were found by a Star of mixed Battle Armor. Though they fought valiantly and downed several Elementals, they were finally downed, with only one of the pilots surviving to become a bondsman.[1]

In 3145 the unit was stationed in Smolnik.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Howl Keshik



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