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Huntsmen Stables

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Huntsmen Stables
Colors/Badge Green and Red
A green banner with a diagonal crimson slash
Stable Profile
Experience Elite (3067)
Rating C (3055)
B (3067)
Faction Affiliation None
Units Used
BattleMechs 10 (3055)
15 (3067)


The Huntsmen are a Solaris VII based dueling BattleMech stable. The outfit is known for its brutal approach in fighting and dueling skills.

The Huntsmen inhabit an old manor house in Joppa, housing their 'Mechs in a recently rebuilt barn on the manor grounds, which they only leave for practice sessions in Roland Fields or for matches.[1]


Formed in 3052[2], the Huntsmen appeared in the Reaches on the outskirts of Solaris City. The village had been known to be a haven of Clan expatriates. The origins of its original members are unknown, however it strongly believed that they are renegade Clansman. A Solaran Spectator even named them Matthew and his Merry Men. In its early years, media and other parties have tried to inquire the stable people's origin. However, these individuals had either disappeared or were found face down in Solaris River.[1]

The stable prove to be earned respect fans and critics alike. It had be considered to being equal in their fighting skills to the major stables.

When originally formed, the stable was well known for its carrying out matches to the death, however later years this had been curtailed by new rules.

By 3067, the Huntsmen had developed rivalry with members of the Zellbrigen Stables. Members of the stable in the green hunting jerkins been seen fighting with warriors of Zellbrigen in seedy bars. Underground fans had been clamoring that Huntsmen schedule for official match.[2]

The Stable was still operational during the Dark Age.[3]

Stable Master and OwnersEdit

Notable PersonnelEdit


  • Sabon Yeager is a young woman working as both the drillmaster/instructor with a mysterious past. She has never discussed her background or the origin of the horrible burn scars on her right arm.


In 3051, 12 MechWarriors are on Huntsmen Stables payrolls.[2].

As per 3067, 21 MechWarriors are on Huntsmen Stables payrolls.[2]

Known MechWarriorsEdit

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Mark Clark Civil War [4]
Arstide Hiser Dark Age [3]
Joshua Simmons Dark Age [5]
Reiss Civil War [6]


  • Dirk Reaver - Master of Assassins, Reaver is a renegade Clan Elemental warrior of unclear origins. He acts as the stable's security chief and has been known to save Alder's life on a number of occasions, as he shadowed him.[1]

Tactics and StyleEdit

The Huntsmen are known for their preference for single combat or dueling. They known to avoid using physical attacks when engaged in combat with their 'Mechs. Among their many attributes, they are best known for the headhunting, in killing downed opponents.[1] However, by late 3060s, this practice been curtailed due to restrictions.


In 3055 the MechWarriors have a contract of 25 percent and 1,000 c-bills,[1]

By 3067, its contracts were 30 percent, and still payed 1,000 c-bills per month.[2]


Game RulesEdit

The Stable as of 3067 has access to B Rated Equipment.

When using Stable specific rules in a match, when the Huntsmen warrior is not a one-on-one fighting they suffer from a -2 to their initiative.

They also receive a +1 to their pilot rolls when they attempt to do any physical attacks against an opponent.

The Huntsmen will never surrender under any circumstances.[2]


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