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Hurricane Conventional Fighter
Production information
Manufacturer Martinson Armaments[1]
Production Year 2297[2]
Equipment Rating D/D-X-X/E[1]
Use Strike Fighter
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Primitive)[1]
Cost N/A
Introduced 2297
Technical specifications
Mass 25[1]
Engine (Type) ICE[1]
Fuel 3 tons[1]
Armor Commercial Armor (BAR 5)[1]
Crew 3[1]
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 92[1][2]


The Hurricane Conventional Fighter was first produced by the Terran Alliance. The range of the Hurricane's Rocket Launcher system allowed it to engage and destroy opposing conventional fighters before they had a chance to bring their weapons to bear on the Hurricane. The Hurricane would be one of the last conventional fighters used in front-line service before the introduction of the first AeroSpace Fighters. In fact, Martinson Armaments would use the lessons they learned in creating the Hurricane to produce the first true Aerospace Fighter.[1]

Though the single ton of armor carried by the Hurricane was impressive in its day, it is only equivalent to modern Commercial Armor. This makes the Hurricane woefully protected, even by conventional fighter standards. Another problem is the Basic Fire Control system used by the Hurricane. Coupled with the primitive Rocket Launcher system, a crew had to be very skilled when firing on enemies.[1]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The Hurricane carried a nose-mounted Machine Gun with a half ton of ammunition. This was not the main striking power of the Hurricane however, which relied on a single internal Rocket Launcher 15 for air superiority and two external hardpoints for ground attack weapons.[1]


The Hurricane had no internal cargo bays, instead it relied on its external hardpoints for ordnance.[1]


No variants are known to exist.


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