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Improved Advanced Tactical Missile

Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base Clan[1]
Year Availability 3070[1]
Technical specifications
Heat Varies
Damage by ammunition type
Minimum Range 4 (or by ammo type)
Short Range 5 (or by ammo type)
Medium Range 10 (or by ammo type)
Long Range 15 (or by ammo type)[1]
Tons Varies
Critical Slots Varies by Model
Ammo Per Ton Varies by Model
Cost (unloaded) Varies by Model
Ammo Cost (per ton) Varies by Model
BV (1.0) Varies
BV (2.0) Varies


The Improved Advanced Tactical Missile system (iATM) was developed by The Society from 3054 to 3070. Like the Advanced Tactical Missile that it's based on, the iATM system uses a variety of ammunition types and includes an advanced targeting option. Unlike the ATM, the iATM uses a Streak SRM style guidance system to improve accuracy. Unlike the Streak system, however, the iATM can use indirect fire. The iATM can use the three ammunition types available to the standard ATM, but it also has two additional ammunition types that are restricted to itself (that is, these two ammunition types cannot be used by the ATM).[1]

These two special munitions are Improved Magnetic Pulse Ammunition and Improved Inferno Ammunition.


Like their progenitors, iATM's come in four types, each firing more missiles per salvo then the last:

Hot LoadingEdit

Nearly all LRM types (and ATM types, according to errata) can be "hot loaded", implying that their warheads and guidance systems are armed, even as they sit in the ammo stores of the vehicle. This effectively eliminates the minimum range issue that longer ranged ATM missiles have, but at a cost of accuracy.

Hot Loading RulesEdit

For CBT play roll 3D6 dice, and use the lowest two results for the cluster hit table. Ammo hot loaded this way is armed in the tube, and will explode if the tubes are hit for their full damage value, while also being quite likely to chain react into the ammo stores for the 'Mech (on a roll of less than 6 on a 1D6 roll). They also have a +1 to hit modifier.[2]


This weapon type is only produced by the Clans, as such no Inner Sphere models exist.


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