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Improved Narc Missile Beacon

The Improved Narc Beacon or iNarc is an upgraded version of the original Narc Missile Beacon.

Improved NARC Missile Beacon
Production information
Type Utility (missile)
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Year Availability 3062 Wob[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 0[2]
Damage *
Minimum Range 0[2]
Short Range 1-4[2]
Medium Range 5-9[2]
Long Range 10-15[2]
Tons 5[2]
Critical Slots 3[2]
Ammo Per Ton 4[2]
Cost (unloaded) 250,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 7,500 (homing)
BV (2.0) 75 (launcher)[3]
15 (ammo)[3]


While the original Narc system provided a superior homing ability for SRM and LRMs, it proved too unpopular compared to its main competitor, the Artemis IV, due to the launcher's short range. Artemis equipped LRMs have double the range of a Narc pod, requiring either a dedicated spotter to close and tag enemies with Narc pods or for the launching 'Mech to close, tag and pull back to fire, a less than ideal arrangement.[1][4]

The product of one of the many fields ComStar scientists investigated to overcome the Clans' technological advances, the Improved Narc launcher took ten years of development. The most obvious improvement is that the larger iNarc launcher has double the range of the original.[1][4]

Learning the lesson from the Draconis Combine-developed standard Narc Explosive Pod, ComStar has produced a number of specialty munition types for the iNarc, providing a range of tactical options:[4]

  • Homing Pod - The larger iNarc version offering superior homing ability.
  • Explosive Pod - The larger iNarc version packing more explosives.
  • ECM Pod - Effectively a localized ECM cloud attached to the target.
  • Haywire Pod - A specialized ECM pod which disrupts the targeting systems of the 'Mech it's attached to.
  • Nemesis Pod - A devious pod which attracts both friendly and enemy missiles towards it.

The one disadvantage of the iNarc system is the larger size of the pods. While this allows them a longer range and space for superior abilities, this has the unfortunate side-effect of making them easier for a targeted BattleMech or the crew of a targeted Combat Vehicle to shake or brush the pods off.


The Improved Narc Missile Beacon is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Series II Pragma Quentin Independence Weaponry TSN- 1C Tessen [5]
Octagon Siren Calloway VI/Keystone Earthwerks Incorporated Bardiche Heavy Strike Tank [6]


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