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Vessel Profile
Previous names Incense
Type WarShip
Class Cameron


The Cameron-class battlecruiser Incense was a Star League Defense Force WarShip that survived the Hegemony Campaign to liberate Terra from the forces of Stefan Amaris, and subsequently followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus.

Following the rise of the Clans and their dominance over the Pentagon worlds following the Pentagon Civil War the Incense was one of the naval vessels incorporated into the touman of Clan Cloud Cobra. As at 3061, the CCS Incense was one of five WarShips to make up the Cloud Cobra Alpha Naval Reserve, alongside the Cataclysm, Brimstone, The Protector and the Blind Faith.[1]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Tukayyid a flotilla of three WarShips belonging to Clan Smoke Jaguar jumped into the Tanis system and demanded repairs and servicing from the Cloud Cobra recharging station in place in the system. In system at the time was Star Admiral Hollyann Kardaan and a portion of the Cloud Cobra Alpha Reserve; Admiral Kardaan led the Liberator-class Incense and four of her six assault DropShips against the Smoke Jaguar forces. The engagement lasted ten minutes before the Smoke Jaguar commander conceded defeat and accepted an offer of hegira, leaving a Fredasa-class corvette and two new Miraborg-class DropShips as isorla for the victorious Cloud Cobra forces. In 3062 the CCS Perdition's Flame was the only Fredasa in service with the Cloud Cobras, making it likely - but not certain - that she was the corvette won at Tanis.[2]

The Incense was still in service with the Cloud Cobras in 3067.[3] However, by 3072 the Incense had been acquired by the resurgent Clan Burrock and renamed the Tremor.[4]

The CCS Incense was captured by dark caste raiders in the Tanis system in late January 3072 as part of a strike that saw the bandits arrive via pirate point and land on top of the Cloud Cobra command complex in the system.[5]

The Tremor was waiting in the Nouveaux Paris system in July 3072, acting in support of the Society cell that had seized the waystation; the presence of the Tremor was discovered by a small Clan Hell's Horses naval force consisting of the Black Knight and the Blood Horse. The Hell's Horses forces were shadowed by the Burrock forces, who refused to respond to any hails, and when the Hell's Horses deployed DropShips to land on the planet, the Tremor's screening forces attacked, inflicting heavy casualties on the Horses but unable to prevent at least some Hell's Horses forces from landing.[6]

The Tremor didn't engage the Clan Star Adder forces that subsequently arrived in the Nouveaux Paris system, but after the combined Burrock and Dark Caste forces forced the Star Adders to retreat from the planet the Tremor escorted the victorious bandit forces away from Nouveaux Paris.[7]


The Incense is described on page 31 of Field Manual: Warden Clans as being a Liberator-class WarShip, despite being described on page 28 as being Cameron-class. As later sources have consistently referred to the Incense as being a Cameron-class battlecruiser, it has been assumed for this article that the Liberator reference is in error.


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