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Inner Sphere at War

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The Inner Sphere at War (ISW) steps the BattleTech experience up to conflicts at the interstellar level. With these rules players can re-fight campaigns such as the Marik Civil War, the Andurien-Canopian Invasion or even restage whole Succession Wars, at a level involving multiple worlds and regiments.

Though the ISW rules emphasize military action, they also incorporate economic and political aspects of running a star-spanning nation, all of which may play a role in the campaign. Inner Sphere at War is designed for play as a stand-alone game or in conjunction with more detailed BattleTech tactical systems from A Time of War RPG to Strategic BattleForce.

While these rules attempt to capture the basics needed to run a campaign, the scale of ISW is too great to cover all possible variations in game play. These rules are a framework around which players can construct a campaign spanning just a few worlds, or all 2,000-plus worlds in the BattleTech universe. The size and scope of a campaign is left up to each player and player group. The considerable wealth of information concerning the various worlds, factions, factories, forces and more published in numerous BattleTech sourcebooks and novels, when used in conjunction with these rules, will provide players with the tools they need to design campaigns of virtually any type and size. The added complexity of these rules and their time-consuming effect on the game makes it important for all players to read through them and agree to their use before beginning play.

The Playing Fiedl: the Inner Sphere Interstellar MapEdit

The playing field for the Inner Sphere at War campaign. An Interstellar Map can range from a small section of space, such as the Andurien/Capellan border, to the entire Inner Sphere.

Core RulesEdit

The ISW core rules are detailed in Interstellar Operations (CAT35006) pgs 344 to 368. The rules for Strstegic Battleforce are also in Interstellar Operations at pgs 230 to 299. Finally, Interstellar Operations also contains the rules for the Abstract Combat System at pgs 304 to 325.

Expansion Rule SetsEdit