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Internal Security College

The Internal Security College is the training school for the Draconis Combine's dreaded Internal Security Force. Located on New Samarkand, the college itself is a veritable fortress: any aircraft approaching within 200km of the college is shot down, while surrounding the facility is 60 km of diacetylsillicate, a corrosive sand which eats through metal, rubber and flesh. The ISC works hard to ensure that they have no visitors or deserters and any aircraft within 200 kilometers is shot down without warning. One does not simply apply to the ISC, instead students are selected through a classified recruiting process, and lhe list of students is classified, as knowing the identity of future agents is a crime against the state.[1]

Internal Security College
ISC Logo
ISC Logo
Academy Information
Location New Samarkand
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

The coursework offered at ISC includes psychology, anatomy, and zero-g martial arts.Curricula include such relevant classes as Phys Ed 204 (Using Martial Arts to Inspire Terror, Death, and Loyalty) and Psych 103 (An Introduction to Brainwashing, Interrogation, and Paranoia).[1][2]


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