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Production information
Manufacturer Clan Wolf-in-Exile[1],
Clan Wolf[1]
Production Year 3083[2]
Use Assault DropShip
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Advance Clan[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 8,500[1] tons
Structural Integrity 21[1]
Length 170[1] meters
Width 120[1] meters
Height 30[1] meters
Drive System Fusion[1]
Safe Thrust 4 g[1]
Max Thrust 6 g[1]
Fuel (tons) 300[1]
Fuel (days) 1.84[1]
Armament 3x Piranha Missiles

3x Manta Ray Missiles
6x ER PPCs
6x Large Pulse Lasers
9x HAG 40s
9x ATM 12
12x AMS[1]

Armor Ferro-Aluminum armor[1]
Nose: 671
Sides: 501
Aft: 338
Crew 5 Officers
8 Enlisted/Non-rated
13 Gunners
10 Battle Armor Marines
5 Bay personnel[1]
Heat Sinks 210 Double heat sinks[1]
BV (2.0) 37,660[1]


The Isegrim is an Assault DropShip built as part of a secret joint project between Clan Wolf and Clan Wolf-in-Exile. Scientists and technicians from both Clans met on Arc-Royal during the Jihad, as Word of Blake space forces dealt heavy blows to both sides and many Wolf ships, for lack of their own facilities, were forced to use the naval yards there for repairs. Unbeknownst to their own Clans, these scientists and technicians began collaborating on a design, based on the Noruff hull, to counter the Blakist Interdictor Pocket WarShip. The result was a ship that could outrun the Interdictor, with protection provided by ninety-four and a half tons of Ferro-Aluminum armor concentrated on the nose and sides, and excellent firepower including the use of Sub-Capital Weapons. Both Clans began production of the Isegrim separately, with the Exiles launching their first ship from the WC Aerospace Annex on Arc-Royal in 3083. While initially greeted with much fanfare by the Lyran Alliance, especially since the Exiles were willing to sell the design to them, within the year Clan Wolf Isegrims were seen in orbit above Tamar with a factory located on Dell.[1]

Horrified, the Archon demanded answers, and Khan Phelan Kell launched an investigation which, while answered within days, was dragged out for six more months in a show of thoroughness that included the execution of three Exile scientists. Nevertheless, the damage was already done, and within two years Isegrims were seen in large numbers throughout both Lyran space and the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, with two Stars in orbit above Arc-Royal as part of the Exile fleet. The Wolves have also sold a number of Isegrims to Clan Diamond Shark in exchange for HarJel.[1]


The majority of the ship's most powerful weapons are placed along the ship's forward firing arc. Within its nose are three each of Piranha and Manta Ray missiles launchers with enough ammo for ten rounds each, along with three each of ER PPCs and Large Pulse Lasers. On each of the Isegrim's wing sections are three each of Class 40 Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifles with sixty rounds, ATM 12 Launchers with ninety rounds, and Anti-Missile Systems with seventy-two rounds, with another set of the Anti-Missile Systems covering the rear. The aft section of the Isegrim is protected by three HAG 40s with sixty rounds, three ER PPCs, three Large Pulse Lasers, and three more ATM 12s with ninety rounds.[1]


The Isegrim has only two small Cargo Bays, since its primary mission is to destroy enemy aerospace assets. The first cargo bay, serviced by two access doors, has space to accommodate 416 tons of general cargo, while the second can launch and retrieve a single Small Craft from one access door.[1]


As of this writing, there is no published Record Sheets for this DropShip.


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