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Jan Sorenson (24th c.)

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Jan Sorenson
Died 2377
Spouse Oma Kurita
Children Daniel Sorenson


Jan Sorenson was High Chieftain of the rebels from the Principality of Rasalhague that were fighting against the Draconis Combine. He orchestrated the attack that killed most of the Kurita family branch on Rasalhague in 2375. Oma Kurita's body, the 18-years old daughter of Vladimir Kurita, was not found among the dead.[1]

She was captive of the rebels and during that time she fell in love with and married Jan.

When word of Oma Kurita's fate became known in 2377, Adam Kurita led the rescue operation. After several harrowing encounters and an exhaustive firefight, Oma and her newborn son, Daniel, returned to the safety of New Samarkand. Jan was killed during the rescue mission.[2]


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