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Janesek Industries

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Janesek Inudustries was a Free Rasalhague Republic/Ghost Bear Dominion based AeroSpace Fighter/OmniFighter manufacturer.

Janesek Industries
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Orestes
Primary Products Aerospace Fighter


With the loss of Terran production, ComStar increasingly bolstered production sites within the Free Rasalhague Republic to meet the needs of both the Com Guards and the KungsArmé. With the Orestes based Janesek Industries serving as the production site for the ComStar developed Huscarl OmniFighter, the company had every reason to believe it had a bright future as one of the most advance aerospace producers in the Inner Sphere.[1]

The Word of Blake Jihad would all but shatter those expectations, first with a Blakist raid in 3068 crippling Janesek's plant and sending its stock price on a roller coaster ride in response to fears of attacks from the Blakists and Clan Ghost Bear as it rebuilt. While the company finally began to stabilise in 3072, with the Ghost Bears already producing a number of heavy OmniFighters, after the Republic's merger into the Ghost Bear Dominion Janesek was denied funds to upgrade with Clan-Tech to match them. Designated an export facility, a near moribund Janesek was reduced to selling the Huscarl to a limited pool of authorised external buyers. [1] The Jihad cost Janesek 20% of its workforce, and in 3079 it was only operating at 60% of its maximum volume.[2]

Desperate to stay afloat, Janesek's executives were finally able to convince the Dominion Merchant Caste to be allowed to build the basic second-line Tyre fighter for export. While initially a success, as export sales for the Huscarl nose-dived in the years after the Jihad concluded Janesek desperately sought a new fighter to remain relevant and bring in fresh investment, using the meagre funds available to develop a new variant of the Tyre. Ultimately the biggest interest would still be export buyers like Clan Hell's Horses rather than the Ghost Bears' Touman as Janesek hoped, the fate of the company hanging in the balance on the hopes of expanded sales of the Clan-Tech fighter to Inner Sphere powers.[1]



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