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Jason Marik-Torrenson

Jason Marik-Torrenson
Affiliation House Marik
Governor of Holt


Jason Marik-Torrenson was not considered by any chance an outstanding MechWarrior. He served in several FWL units and never noted for his tactics or skills; indeed, if not for the superior quality of his 'Mech most of his commanders think he would have died. After retiring from military service, he was appointed governor of Holt, a post he still kept in 3018. He was the third cousin to Captain-General Janos Marik.

In 3018 Holt was raided by the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars. The Irregulars were conducting Operation Junk Yard Dog, a campaign of deep raids against the Free Worlds League, with the intention of recovering items from the Irregulars' museum on Clinton that had been captured by League forces in late 3017. Having recently raided the world of Nestor, the Irregulars had jumped to Holt while the Free Worlds League Military attempted to enforce blockades on the Irregulars' most likely path back to the Lyran Commonwealth. The Irregulars had information indicating that items from their collection - including recordings collected by Rhonda Snord of the twentieth century musician Elvis Presley - were being held on Holt. Making planetfall in mid-April, the Irregulars launched an attack on a BattleMech repair depot located close to the Great Swamp in the Feathered Plains region, clashing with Rainbow Company of the Twenty-seventh Marik Militia.[1]

Following the battle at the 'Mech repair facility the Irregulars launched an assault on the Marik estate and house of the planetary governor, Jason Marik-Torrenson, hoping to capture Marik-Torrenson and use him as leverage to get through the blockade. Tangling again with the Twenty-seventh Marik Militia, the Irregulars successfully captured Marik-Torrenson, with Cranston Snord defeating Marik-Torrenson's Marauder in single combat.[1]

Cranston Snord delivered Marik-Torrenson directly to Katrina Steiner to her surprise.[1]

He was ransommed back to the Free Worlds League, but this incident cost him any change he could have had to arrive to the throne of House Marik.[1]


He always piloted 'Mechs in excellent condition. In his last known battle he piloted a Marauder.[1]


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