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Jenette Rand

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Jenette Rand
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Draconis Combine
Spouse Dechan Fraser

Jenette Rand was an officer with Wolf's Dragoons who later married Dechan Fraser. She assisted her husband and Theodore Kurita in the rebuilding of the Ryuken regiments for the Draconis Combine.


Little is known about Rand's early life, aside from the fact she was born into Wolf's Dragoons and may have been born on the Clan Homeworlds. By the time of the Battle of Misery, she was considered one of the Dragoons' top officers. After that battle, she was partnered with Dechan Fraser by Jaime Wolf to accompany Michi Noketsuna in his vendetta against those responsible for so many deaths. Sometime after the death of Grieg Samsonov, the trio joined Theodore Kurita's shitenno, helping him rebuild the Ryuken regiments, and providing a new doctrine for the DCMS. She fought along side Fraser and the Ryuken against Federated Suns invaders during the War of 3039. At some point, she and Fraser married. In 3054, after the death of Takashi Kurita, she and Fraser returned to the Dragoons on Outreach. She fought on Wolf's side during the Dragoon Civil War, commanding a light lance on an impressive run that brought down the enemy commander's Gladiator Omnimech. She was wounded in the fighting but survived.


During her early career with the Dragoons and with the Bounty Hunter, Rand piloted a Dervish. While commanding the Ryuken during the War of '39, she used a Hatamoto-Chi of the -Kaze variant.[2] During the Dragoon Civil War, she piloted a Mongoose.


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