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Jessica Danforth

Jessica Danforth
Died 3001[1]
Affiliation Federated Suns
Spouse Aaron Sandoval[1]
Children James Sandoval
David Sandoval
Talbot Sandoval
Jessica Sandoval[1]

Jessica Danforth was the wife of Aaron Sandoval and mother to at least four of his children.


Early LifeEdit

Jessica hailed from a poor family from the world of Broken Wheel.[1]

The Young DukeEdit

In 2982, Corporal Danforth would meet her future husband, a tank commander named Aaron Sandoval. She had been assigned to Aaron's tank and they both fell in love. However, early regulations did not permit individuals having a relationship while serving in the same unit, so Jessica was reassigned to a different tank.[1]

Later that year, the 159th was attached to the 15th Avalon Hussars. The regiment was then on an offensive mission to the world of Rio, to battle against the Capellan Confederation. During the battle, Jessica's tank was threatened by a Capellan Marauder. Seeing her in mortal danger, Aaron took his tank from its hiding place and put his tank in the path of the enemy BattleMech. He fired all its weaponry in hoping to distract the 'Mech from Jessica's tank. Most of his shots missed the target, however Aaron was successful in gaining the attention of the Marauder. The 'Mech unloaded its arsenal into Aaron's tank, rendering his Tank into a wreckage.

Gravely wounded, losing both of his legs from the action[1], his father heard of his whereabouts and his heroic actions on Rio. He had his unconscious son and lover Jessica brought to Robinson to recover. When Aaron awoke from his coma, he learned that his father had been searching for him for two years. He soon discovered that his older brother had died in a DropShip accident and that he was now the heir to the Dukedom of Robinson. His father had accidentally discovered what had happened to him after seeing a new vid of his actions with the 159th Galax.

On Robinson, Aaron and Jessica were soon married and had loving and fruitful marriage together. His wife bore three sons and a daughter. Aaron became Duke shortly after the birth of his youngest son, James.


Jessica died in 3001.[1]


  • The character profile in House Davion (The Federated Suns) states that Aaron had four children: James, David, Talbot, and Jessica, but lates sources would add a second daughter, Katheryn. Given that Jessica died in 3001 and at the time of the profile he was of the advanced age of 63 it is unlikely that Katheryn was fathered after the profile was written.


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