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Jezebel Youngblood

Jezebel Youngblood
Born 3112[1]
Affiliation House Youngblood


Jezebel Youngblood was the granddaughter of Jeremiah Youngblood II and Captain of the Crescent Hawks mercenary company on 3144.[2]

Attached to the Kell Hounds she spent a lot of time on disciplinary probation. She was a very combative officer, alienating herself from the rest of his peers. She was too cocky because of her heritage but she was always able to back his words with field action.

She was granted command of the reconstituted Crescent Hawks by Colonel Evan Kell and there was hope she would temper her leadership capabilities (or otherwise be broken by spirit).

She has lead the Hawks against Clan Jade Falcon and has kept the unit together by her sheer force of will, and now commands the most hardened force the Crescent Hawks have ever fielded.[1]

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Jezebel Youngblood was the last living Youngblood and she worried about her ability to carry on the name. She had never married, and every lover she had taken had died. Jezebel was reportedly looking to Clan science to preserve her family's legacy.[1]

Character NotesEdit


Jezebel Youngblood was an Elite MechWarrior.[2]


Jezebel Youngblood piloted a Phoenix Hawk.[2] (most probably the family one [citation needed]).


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