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Joanna Dresari

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Joanna Dresari
Affiliation House Dresari
Parents Eric Dresari (father)
Siblings Ian Dresari

Joanna Dresari (Johanna in certain pre-release articles) was a noble from the Federated Commonwealth world of Kentares IV. She was the daughter of Duke Eric Dresari and the younger sister of Ian Dresari.

Resistance on KentaresEdit

When Duke Eric and his family were captured and executed by Lyran Alliance military forces led by Lord Marcus Roland, Joanna was rescued by Kentares militia officer Captain Damon Squire and went into hiding. Joanna organized a resistance cell that motivated the people of Kentares into rebelling against their Lyran oppressors, resulting in Roland declaring martial law and killing or arresting any Kentares citizen who dared to protest against Lyran rule. Ian eventually returned to Kentares and joined forces with Joanna and her supporters in waging a guerrilla war against Roland.


Joanna informs Ian of an old armory cache hidden somewhere in the city full of equipment enough to outfit four heavy Lances of 'Mechs, valuable for assaulting the Dresari palace, now the headquarters for the Steiner occupation. Before the search for the cache could be conducted however, Joanna and her Lance are ambushed by Steiner forces, leaving her badly injured and in mortal danger. Ian has to make a choice, between rescuing his sister from certain death or securing the weapons cache for an assault on the Dresari palace. Whatever the player chooses, Ian and the Resistance fight one last battle against House Steiner, finally putting an end to the war. However, the fight is not yet over for Ian, as William shows up in a modified Daishi, challenging Ian to a duel. Ian defeats William and finally frees the planet from Steiner's grasp.Depending on the choice the player makes during the penultimate mission, either Joanna or Ian will ascend the throne as Duchess or Duke, respectively.

Rescue SisterEdit

Should Ian decide to go after his sister, Damon Squire will assist Ian's Omega Lance in localizing and successfully rescuing Joanna. After William's death on Kentares, Joanna will be confirmed as the Duchess with Karl proposing a toast in her honor in the palace.

Supply RaidEdit

Should Ian decide to go after the Armory, Joanna will die and Damon Squire will not join Ian after the mission, as Squire will be presumed to be dead. After William's death on Kentares, Ian will be confirmed as the Duke of Kentares. (This is the canon ending.)

Behind The ScenesEdit

Joanna was portrayed by actress Zee Miller.