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Jonathan Davion

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Jon Davion.jpg
Jonathan Davion
Also known as Jon Davion
Born 3024[1]
Affiliation House Davion
Marshal of the Armies

Jonathan Davion (Born 3024 - Died 3???) House Davion nobleman, military officer and later Marshal of the Armies of the AFFS.


Early Life and CareerEdit

Jon Davion, was the younger cousin of Jackson Davion, and a military history instructor at the Sakhara Academy prior to the FedCom Civil War. Jackson would influence him to return to service and leave his teaching career behind. After rejoining the AFFC he would command the Davion Heavy Guard Armored forces and eventually the whole Heavy Guard RCT. While in command he reorganized the Guard's Armor components to become a more effective fighting force.[2][3]

FedCom Civil WarEdit

In 3063, Jon's Heavy Guards were stranded on Galax by then Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion at the beginning of the FedCom Civil War. It wasn't until the end of the war, that Jon Davion's forces were able to obtain transportation resources to get off world.

Jon Davion and his RCT used a dozen Conquistador Class DropShips liberated from Galax's shipyards to invade New Avalon in June 3066. Teamed with Duke Tancred Sandoval and his 2nd Robinson Rangers, they landed in the Rostock continent where they disabled the planet's air and space traffic control system. They also helped local Allied rebels on the ground to take over loyalist control areas. Jon led the Guards into battle with loyalist's armor brigade on the continent of Brunswick. The battle would become a short and tough battle for control of the area against conventional forces of the Loyalists.

In April of 3067, Jon and his RCT participated in the invasion of New Avalon City. The concentrated firepower of the Loyalist RCTs would cause the Heavy Guards to disintegrate in the struggle for the city.[4]

Jihad and the Liberation of New AvalonEdit

His forces nearly destroyed by the Civil War, Jon set about the task of rebuilding the RCT with salvage taken from the battle for New Avalon City.[5] The unit was assigned to garrison the world of Salem, where it concentrated on rebuilding itself.

Once word of the invasion of New Avalon by the Word of Blake reached Jon, he moved his rebuilt command to New Avalon by January 3068. Jon's force would fortunately arrived unmolested after their landfall and managed to fight through the Blakist lines to reach New Avalon City to take up the defense there. Jon led the Heavy Guards along with remains of other allied forces to hit the 44th Shadow Division, pushing the Jihadist force from Mount Davion. His force would slowly succeed, but not without heavy losses. His cousin Jackson would be killed, the New Avalon City would be left fire bombed by the departing Shadow Division in 3074.[6][7]

Jon would end up in command of the FedSun forces on New Avalon after his cousin's death, continuing to fight with Blakist forces remaining on the ground.[8]

As a Marshal of the Armies of the AFFSEdit

After New Avalon had finally been secured, Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion would elevate Jon to replace his late cousin as Marshal of the Armies by 3075. He would attempt to re-organize AFFS to handle the Word of Blake, rebel commanders in Outback region of the FedSuns, and aggressive actions of the Taurian Concordat.

Commander of the FedSun's Coalition ForceEdit

He would soon take over command of Federated Sun's Allied Coalition Task Force, Group II from Marshal Katheryn Sandoval-Ito after her death. Jon would personally take direct command FedSuns Group II to liberate Epsilon Eridani in February of 3078. His Coalition Group would be credited for easily taking command of the Sandoval-Ito's task force. [9][10]

In July, he and the rest of the Coalition forces assembled to invade Terra as part of Operation SCORCH. Jon was assigned to Task Force SICKLE to take city of Rio de Janeiro, where it was believed an SDS Command Center was located. His Task Force was assigned the 5th Crucis Lancers, the Iron Guard and the 20th Marik Militia to take their objective. [11]

Jon's command made its landings in mid-August, where they would seamlessly seize city, taking its manufacturing plant and the local TerraSec Supply Depot. However, forces garrisoned at the SDS Command Fortress on Governador Island stopped his operation in its tracks. Jon would lay siege to the complex with a area bombarded with artillery fire and aerospace strikes for the next three weeks. During this bombardment, Jon employed a local mining company's large tunnel boring machines to cut through the ground and breach the Complex's underground spaces. A Battle Armor force consisting of elite warriors used the tunnels to penetrate the underground facilities' spaces and managed to destroy the complex's massive fuel farm. The shutdown of the Rio's SDS Command Center freed Coalition forces from the threat of SDS attack. [12]

Aftermath of the Coalition Invasion of TerraEdit


In the New Avalon campaign Jon would pilot a Marauder II.[13]


The character's original full name was listed as Jonathan Davion in Field Manual: Federated Suns, Field Manual: Updates and Jihad Turning Points: New Avalon.[14] His full name is not used in later publications.

Game NotesEdit

Using AToW rules found in Masters and Minions, any force under the direct command of Jon Davion gains +2 to their initiative. They would additionally also allowed to place units under Jon's command on board after the opposing force has been placed on the field. This is only allowed if Jon's force is not using hidden rules or Off-Map Movement ability.[15]


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