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Josip Varnay

Josip Varnay
Affiliation House Varnay
Siblings One
Children No

Josip Varnay was the grandson of Roger Varnay.


He returned to New Syrtis in 2617, hoping to capitalize on the economic woes experienced by the Federated Suns by raising support for the Capellan Principality's reconstitution as an independent state and for the newborn Principality to reject membership of the Star League.[1] New Syrtis was one of a number of worlds on the verge of open rebellion as a result of the economics problems; while the planet hadn't been in outright rebellion, demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience were common on many worlds, and it didn't take much for Josip to persuade people to support him. With the planetary population tired of promises of money from the Star League that never arrived, businesses failing and taxes increasing, Josip was able to push the population into open rebellion.[2]

While Josip attracted a large band of followers, albeit followers of dubious quality, Josip had no support from the Capellan Confederation and was soon forced to flee approaching Federated Suns troops.[1] Josip's mistake was that he assumed that the people of New Syrtis were rebelling on his account; he didn't realize that while he had acted as a catalyst following discontent over other issues, and when the AFFS arrived to put down the rebellion most of Varnay's apparent support vanished. The few who genuinely supported him were captured or killed, and the Varnay name carried no weight with the remaining population.[2] After Josip's actions the Confederation found it expedient to expel the entire Varnay family, and the Varnay family direct claims to New Syrtis and the Capellan Principality died with the subsequent deaths of Josip and his brother, neither of whom had sired any children.[1]


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