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Judith Davion

Judith Davion
Born 2405[1]
Died 2415[1]
Affiliation House Davion
Parents Edmund Davion (father)

Judith Davion (b. 2405 - d. 2415) was the daughter of Edmund Davion, President of the Federated Suns.[2][1]


Judith was the product of a show marriage arranged between Edmund Davion, President of the Federated Suns, and the daughter of the Councillor for Palmyra, a marriage arranged in large part as a political measure - and in defiance of rumors that Edmund was a homosexual. Edmund's mother, Marion Michaels, had arranged for Edmund and his twin brother Edward to remain unmarried prior to Edmund becoming President of the Federated Suns and Prime Minister of New Avalon, so that she could use marriages as a means of obtaining power and influence.[2][1]

In 2415, Judith's father died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. Edward had been the power behind the throne since the death of Marion in 2412, easily manipulating his weak-willed brother as both of them steadily succumbed to degenerate pursuits and the destructive behavior that had marked their father, Etien Davion's, rule of the Federated Suns. Edward acted quickly after Edmund's death to consolidate power and ensure that he and his family retained the throne. Edward had Judith's mother and her lover, the Commander of the Presidential Guard, arrested, tried for treason, and executed. He then arranged for Judith to be quietly removed from the public eye and killed; just ten years old, Judith was strangled to death by one of Edward's bodyguards. Although Judith was publicly believed to be Edmund's daughter, she was actually illegitimate - her real father being the Commander of the Presidential Guard.[1][3]


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