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Kal Radick

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Kal Radick
Born 20 July 3107[1]
Died 10 May 3133
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Steel Wolves
Prefect of Prefecture IV
Galaxy Commander

Kal Radick (31073133, aged 26 years) was trueborn on Fletcher and raised a warrior of Clan Wolf.

Character HistoryEdit

He tested out from his sibko as a Star Captain, taking command of the Bright Fang Militia in 3125. After winning his Bloodname in 3129, Kal Radick was promoted to rank of Galaxy Commander. Shortly thereafter he became Prefect for Prefecture IV of The Republic of the Sphere in 3130[2]. He advocated for Clan descendants, stating they were treated like second-class citizens. His natural gift for politics and populism became evident as his constituency grew.

The Galaxy Commander announced plans to enlarge his Prefecture's military in July of 3132, and which time he also challenged Countess Tara Campbell of the Northwind Highlanders to a Trial of Grievance over her opinions about him. Exarch Damien Redburn halted the Trial before it began.

A month later the HPG network failed, starting the modern Dark Age. Radick responded by flexing his military capacities and forming the Steel Wolves, using them to take direct control of his Prefecture. He then began expanding his area of control by invading the worlds of Ronel and Achernar.

Radick was killed in physical combat on 10 May 3133[3] during a Trial of Possession with Anastasia Kerensky for rank of Galaxy Commander. Kerensky's victory left her as commander of the Steel Wolves[4].


  • Kal's name has at times been misspelled "Kal Radik" and "Kal Raddick", Radick is the canonical bloodname house.


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