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Katheryn Sandoval

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Katheryn Sandoval
Also known as Katheryn Sandoval-Ito
Died 7 January 3078[1]
Affiliation House Sandoval
Parents Aaron Sandoval (father)
Siblings James Sandoval
David Sandoval
Talbot Sandoval
Jessica Sandoval

Katheryn Sandoval (b. 30?? - d. 3???) was a Federated Suns noblewoman and daughter of Duke Aaron Sandoval.[2]


Considered a rogue by the rest of the family, Katheryn would eventually calm down and assume command the Draconis March Militia by 3050[3]


The liberation of Acamar from the Blakist Protectorate was invaded by allied coalition forces operating on the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR in January 3078; the most significant casualty of the battle for control of Acamar was the death of AFFS Marshal Katheryn Sandoval-Ito, who was succeeded by Marshal Jon Davion.[4] Marshal Sandoval-Ito fell in battle on the 7th of January, her Devastator BattleMech swamped by Word of Blake Purifier and Se'irim battle armor until it fell.[1]


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