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Katrina Steiner (Individual Fox-class WarShip)

Katrina Steiner
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Fox


The Katrina Steiner was the first Fox-class corvette to be constructed by the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards in the Alarion system, entering service shortly before the Lyran secession from the Federated Commonwealth. The newly-christened LAS Katrina Steiner was swiftly deployed to the Tharkad system. A second assembly yard at the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards was completed in 3059, and by 3062 a sister ship to the Katrina Steiner had entered service with the Lyran Alliance, the LAS Robert Marsden, while a second sister ship, the LAS Angela Franks was undergoing predelivery trials.[1]

The Katrina Steiner was a Loyalist ship during the FedCom Civil War, and saw action on the 21st of February 3066 when it attempted to launch a series of orbital bombardments against units on the surface of Tikonov, where Victor Steiner-Davion was currently in the field. Before the Katrina Steiner could launch its attack it was engaged by the Avalon-class cruiser FCS Melissa Davion and driven away, allowing Victor to withdraw from the planet.[2]

The FedCom Civil War took a toll on the Lyran navy; by the end of the war, the only active Foxes left to the LAAF were the Katrina Steiner and three sister ships, the LAS Melissa Steiner, LAS Robert Kelswa and LAS Robert Marsden - and of those ships, the Robert Kelswa was heavily damaged during the Battle of Tharkad, and not scheduled to be fit for active service until at least 3070.[3]

During the Jihad the Katrina Steiner was responsible for damaging the Eagle-class FWLS Bedevere, a Free Worlds League Military WarShip that had been suborned by the Word of Blake, during the attack on Skye in 3070.[4] The Katrina Steiner was subsequently lost while jumping to Terra during Operation SCOUR.[5]



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