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Kerensky, Nicholas (Bloodname)

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The Kerensky bloodname was a Clan Wolf founding legacy.[1]

Known Bloodname HoldersEdit

Bloodname FounderEdit





Field OfficersEdit

Wars of ReavingEdit

In December 3071 the renamed 246th Wolf Strike Cluster and the 509th Wolf Solahma Battle, dropped on and around the Kerensky Bloodchapel in Strana Mechty. Led by Star Colonel Ramil Kerensky of the Clan Wolf Watch. He opened a challenge to all Clans to prove themselves worthy of the Kerensky Heritage by retaking the Chapel from his forces. This prompted several warriors to attack the Wolves, as the day worn on the numbers involved grew until ilKhan Andrews announced that whichever Clan could take the Chapel back would be awarded the Kerensky Bloodname. Chaos ensued as the Clans all vied for the honor with ninety warriors assaulting the entrenched Wolves over three days. Wolf Elementals destroyed the Winson Bloodchapel and as Ramil Kerensky fell he detonated the Kerensky Bloodchapel. This action provided the cover for a Wolf Watch team to penetrate the main genetics repository and destroy the master genetic files of Jennifer Winson, Nicholas and Andery Kerensky. The 246th were destroyed in this action.[19]


  • This legacy is considered a General one, with warriors from their sibkos qualifying for all Clan combat styles.[30]
  • Kerensky Vision, described to Phelan Ward as the patience of the warrior and a quality most of the Clan Warriors lack.[31]
  • Most of the Bloodhouse Bloodnamed members bring unblooded aides to the Clan Councils, marking this is an endorsement of sorts for future Bloodname Nominations. The Kerenskys are supposed to hold themselves above the political infighting of the other Bloodhouses, a tradition that began with Nicholas Kerensky, but ended with Natasha Kerensky, who was the first Kerensky to bring an unblooded warrior to one of such meetings.[31]
  • Except for the Bloodname Founder, it is not possible to know from which of the two Kerensky Legacies the Clan Warriors belong to. The list of the bloodnamed warriors from Andrey Kerensky Bloodname is included here.


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