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Khasparov's Knights

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Khasparov's Knights
Unit Profile (as of 3069)
CO Colonel Ian Rombus
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry no



Khasparov's Knights were formed in 3015 allegedly from a collection of shattered regular and mercenary troops that backed Anton Marik during his 3014 revolt.

The unit reached its pinnacle in the Chaos March with a fair share of brilliant performances broken by occasional allegations of contract breach, but with a growing reputation since Colonel Jesús Khasparov had taken command of the outfit in 3055.[1]

Operation StilettoEdit

Their fast track to greatness came to an end when they accepted a retainer contract with Calvin Noru and his Kalskag coalition. Though the contract was totally legal, Noru's forces not only included lawful units like the Knights, the Provisional Acamar Cavalry and the Legion of Truth, but also mercenary units that had been slicing towards banditry: the Scarlet Guard, Connor's Ransackers, and Robert's Dreaded.

Such dear was the situation in Acamar, which demanded desperate means to form a provisional government, that Khasparov tried to ingone the more obvious excesses of Acamar's defenders for several years, Then operation Stiletto forces arrived in early 3061.

The devastating fighting for Kalskag ended with the Knights loosing over two companies, leaving also among the dead Colonel Khasparov himself. The command of the unit passed to his second in command, Brevet-Colonel Ian Rombus. The Knights were still mourning their losses when Noru’s coalition fell apart in the wake of a crippling Task Force Acamar victory. A disgusted General Sline of the Legion of Truth decided to use the failure as an impetus for his own coup, arresting Noru and sentencing him to death with the tacit support of the bandit forces from Noru's fragmenting coalition. This act of betrayal finally pushed the Provisional Cavalry and the Knights over the edge. The two units banded together to shatter Sline’s Legion and rescue their employer. The Knights then quit Kalskag and Acamar altogether with Noru and his supporters in tow.[1]


The unit went to the hiring halls of Fletcher in search of a new contract and dropped of radar for a few years. The unit reappeared in 3064 under the command of now Colonel Rombus and at their full pre-Acamar strength. The unit was under employment of the Word of Blake. They appeared in Ingress to support the First Division forces there. The unit renewed their contract with the Word in 3066 and joined WoB forces for their Quentin operation. Beaten back with the rest of the WoB forces on 3069 by the 10th Ghost Regiment, the unit was seriously damaged, but the departure of the 10th Ghost allowed Khasparov's Knights and WoB forces to return in 3070 and capitalize on the output of the captured 'Mech factories to regain much of their strength.[1]

They were sent to reinforce Algot sometime during or after 3071, where they joined the already in planet Hannigan's Monsters and and at and unknown date after 3073 by Carson's Renegades.[2]

On 14 February 3077 Warrior House Imarra met the bulk of the Blakist mercenary garrison in the desert outside Cassol while Ambermarle's Highlanders and Devon's Armored Infantry flanked the mercenaries and overran the former AFFS compound the mercenaries were using as their base of operations.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Khasparov's Knights
Colonel Jesús Khasparov 3055 - 3061[1]
Brevet-Colonel Ian Rombus From 3061 onwards[1]



Dragoon RatingsEdit


Dragoon Rating: Wanted As with all mercenary forces presently employed by Word of Blake, Khasparov’s Knights have been declared Wanted by the MRBC. Allegations of suspected war crimes against this veteran-rated command exist but have not been substantiated as of this writing.[1]

Composition HistoryEdit


The unit boasted a mixed regiment of BattleMechs and conventional armor. The unit was a Regular-rated command modestly equipped.


  • Khasparov's Knights (2 under-strenght BattleMech Battalions)[1]
    • Most of the 'Mechs are older heavy and assault ’Mech designs, with a few refurbished machines and cutting-edge designs provided either by Word of Blake or directly from the captured Independence Weaponry plant on Quentin.
  • Khasparov’s Rooks (1 armor Battalion)
    • Most of the unit is composed of medium-weight vehicles and hovercraft, though it also has two lances' worth of artillery vehicles. These units tend to form the supporting line in any offensive missions, where they flank the opposing formations and deliver a constant harassing fire that forces the enemy to contend with two threats at the same time.[1]


Game RulesEdit

When randomly determining the Knights' BattleMech forces in scenarios set after 3066, the Knights may roll twice per company on the Word of Blake B column (see p. 220, FMUpdates). For scenarios set after 3070, the Knights may also roll once per lance on the Draconis Combine A column (but only for those units of medium weight class or heavier).

If the Knights field a combination of BattleMech and conventional vehicle units in a given scenario, up to two vehicles for every full lance of 'Mechs deployed at the start of the scenario may make use of Off-map Movement rules.[3]


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