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Ki-Linn Liao

Ki-Linn Liao.jpg
Ki-Linn Liao
Born 3115
Died 3148[1]
Affiliation House Liao
Profession Mandrissa of Highspire
Spouse Jacob Bannson

Ki-Linn Liao (b. 3115[2] - d. 7 September, 3148[1]) is the great-granddaughter of Kali Liao and revered by the Thuggees as a goddess.[2]


Born on Highspire, Ki-Linn was raised to believe in her own divinity through her Thuggee followers. She was unable to do much with her followers since her cousin, Chancellor Daoshen Liao, kept her on a short leash.[2]

At the age of 19, Ki-Linn was married off to Jacob Bannson to seal a political alliance between him and Daoshen. While at first reluctant to marry a non-Capellan, she soon at least appeared to genuinely love Bannson and outwardly played the part of a distraught wife when Jacob would flee Capellan space. Rumors that Ki-Linn in fact unleashed Death Commandos to kill Bannson were bruited about but never confirmed.[2]

Ki-Linn also became one of the most outspoken proponents of Daoshen's assault upon the Federated Suns in 3144, and her support roused much popular support behind the invasion.[2] As a result, Ki-Linn was livid four years later upon hearing that her cousin was contemplating a peace treaty allowing House Davion to retain New Syrtis.

Death & LegacyEdit

On 7 September 3148, Ki-linn and seven of her most devoted servants assembled upon the steps of the Chancellor's Summer Palace. Declaring to the assembled crowd of Capellan citizens that she would see the Confederation triumphant, Ki-Linn doused herself with kerosene and immolated herself, joined in like manner by her attendants as she cursed House Davion with her dying shrieks.[1]

Completely stunned by his cousin's dramatic demise - which he had never believed her capable of carrying out - Daoshen was forced to publicly declare afterward that no cease-fire was possible between his realm and the Federated Suns.[1]


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