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Production information
Manufacturer Krester's Ship Construction[1]
Introduced 2582
Production Year 2582[2]
Use Pursuit Cruiser
Tech Base Star League
Cost 10,329,024,000 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 780,000
Length 715 m
Sail Diameter 715 m
Fuel 5,100 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2.5 g
Top Thrust 4 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 16
LF Battery Yes
Armament 24x Heavy NPPCs
16x Medium NPPCs
2x NAC/10s
24x LB 10-X ACs
5x Large Pulse Lasers
10x ER Large Lasers
47x Small Pulse Lasers
Armor Fore: 180
Fore-Sides: 150
Aft-Sides: 139
Aft: 120
Ferro-Carbide Armor
DropShip Capacity 2
Crew 329
Grav Decks 1x 65 meter diameter
1x 85 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 20/20
Heat Sinks 2,500 Double Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 70
BV (1.0) 101,557[1]
BV (2.0)  ???


Designed originally as a proof of concept vessel by Krester's Ship Construction, the Kimagure-class pursuit cruiser (Kimagure translates to "capricious" in Japanese) was so impressive, the SLDF placed an initial order for 12 vessels, with more to follow.[1]

Due to the large prow extending below its forward hull, the Kimagure has a distinct silhouette, which has given the vessel nicknames like "hatchetface". On the opposite end of the vessel, the very large interplanetary drives of the Kimagure dominate the stern. The Kimagure was very well-liked by crews.[1]

The Kimagure boasts a fantastic mix of heavy armor, corvette-like maneuverability, and devastating firepower. These exceptional attributes combined to make the Kimagure one of the premiere cruisers of the fleets of the Star League.[1]

However, the Kimagure was surprisingly prone to destruction, primarily a result of poor heat management. A Kimagure surrounded on multiple firing arcs by hostile vessels only had enough heat sinks for broadsides against a single target, prompting adversaries to attempt to pincer and overwhelm a lone Kimagure.[1]

Only 5 Kimagures survived the Amaris Civil War, all of which departed the Inner Sphere with Aleksandr Kerensky. Two of these vessels were upgraded to the new Conqueror-class battlecruiser/carrier by Clan Snow Raven in the middle of the 31st century.[1][3]


The armament of the Kimagure is devastating. The vessel boasts naval PPCs covering all quarters, save the aft firing arc. Combined with naval-grade autocannons, every approach to the Kimagure is fraught with peril. The Kimagure also wields an extensive array of ER Large Lasers and Small Pulse Lasers to fend off attack by smaller AeroSpace assets.[1]


Though the Kimagure can function as a transport, the class is not meant to carry cargo. The Kimagure has a pair of DropShip collars, and just 2 bays. The first bay can carry 2 squadrons of AeroSpace Fighters, but the second bay can only manage less than 9,000 tons of cargo.


  • Kimagure Surprise 
    Only a single ship of this variant was constructed, the SLS Surprise, which launched in 2756. This design varied from the standard Kimagure in several ways. Firstly, the four Heavy NPPCs and four Medium NPPCs mounted in the nose of the ship had been replaced with a single Light Mass Driver supplied with thirty rounds of ammunition and four of the Heavy NPPCs in each broadside had been removed. The number of fighters carried by the ship had been increased from twelve to thirty-six, and the amount of cargo space had almost doubled, with the ship capable of carrying 17,493 tons of cargo. The design also featured slightly increased structural and sail integrity and was forty-three meters longer. The SLS Surprise conducted tests of the Light Mass Driver that demonstrated a number of flaws with the design, including damage being inflicted on the Surprise when the weapon was fired. Further tests were postponed while the Surprise underwent a refit, but the start of the Amaris Civil War prevented any further development or the manufacture of any further ships of this class.[4]

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  • Conqueror-class battlecruiser/carrier – in anticipation of Operation Revival, Clan Snow Raven began upgrading Kimagure-class pursuit cruisers. However, when it became clear the Inner Sphere no longer possessed WarShips, Clan Snow Raven halted production, completing just 2 ships of the new ship class.[3]



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