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Kincaid Furey

Kincaid Furey
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar


Kincaid Furey (b. ???? - d. 30??) is first noted in 3026 when he is described as Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar, [1] a position he presumably lost to Leo Showers in 3029 [2] at which point he appears to have taken a political back seat, but clearly biding his time to regain power.

He placed the blame for the Smoke Jaguars' setbacks during Operation Revival at his political rival Sarah Weaver's feet. Effectively weakening her political position, Sarah narrowly lost an impromptu election and Kincaid became the new saKhan of Clan Smoke Jaguar. He was the representative of his Clan at the inquest over Ilkhan Leo Showers’ death during Operation Revival, [3] and was also appointed by Ilkhan Ulric Kerensky as overall Invasion commander for the attack on Luthien in 3051. [4] Kincaid Furey was supported during this period by Dorian Wirth, who in turn was given a considerable degree of power during the assault on Luthien.

He did not hold the position of saKhan for long. When Kincaid attempted to outmanuever the new IlKhan Ulric Kerensky he failed, at which point Sarah Weaver challenged and defeated Kincaid, allowing her once again to become the saKhan. [5]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar

Succeeded by
Leo Showers
Preceded by
Sarah Weaver
saKhan of Clan Smoke Jaguar

Succeeded by
Sarah Weaver


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