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Kindraa Mick-Kreese

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Kindra Mick-Kreese
Faction Profile
Time period:
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: 2 (shared) [1]
Capital world:
Ruler title: Kindraa Leader
Secret Service:


The Kindraa is built on two Bloodnames. The Mick name is well known for the excellent Elementals it produces and the Kreese name has provided many pilots for the aerospace heavy touman. The Kindraa saw a change in the internal political composition with the rising of the Ghoul name. [2]. The Kindraa is in a rivalry for dominance in naval warfare with the Kindraa Beyl-Grant. Both sides avoid large scale warfare, because they know in the end one or both could be absorbed.


The Kindraa could survive with the control of only 2 WarShips. This fact gives them an advantage over any other kindraa, except Kindraa Beyl-Grant which could also survive with only two WarShips. The Kindraa has also shown a strong Crusader viewpoint in the past and has fought many battles for that cause.


The chances to rise within the Kindraa are limited. The branches of Elemental and fighter pilots are restricted to the Mick, Kreese and Ghoul Bloodname lines. When bondsmen show some capabilities as MechWarriors, they could be accepted. Elementals ranks are difficult to obtain and the Kindraa's own trueborn warriors have exclusive rights to the bloodnames.[3]


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