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Klaus Harper

Klaus Harper
Born 3022
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Profession Loremaster

Klaus Harper (born 3022[1] - died ????) was an Elemental warrior of Clan Snow Raven who would rise to become Loremaster of his Clan prior to, during and after the Word of Blake's Jihad.[2]


A giant even among Elementals, Klaus Harper is a veteran of a great many battles, and his face and hands bear the scars to prove it. He was said to have a scholarly voice, matched by his eidetic memory for anything related to the history of his Clan. Noted for his willingness to put the well-being of Clan Snow Raven before his own, or even that of House Harper, Klaus Harper has earned a great deal of respect through the years, even if his personal standing in his Bloodname House, and sometimes in the Clan as a whole, has been damaged by the positions he has chosen to take. As Loremaster, he was known for building consensus between factions within the Snow Ravens, helping to balance the political needs of all parties in an effort to keep his Clan running smoothly.[1][3]

Loremaster PoliticsEdit

Harper rose to the rank of Star Colonel and held command of the 1st Raven Phalanx when he was nominated for the post of saKhan after the death of Joseph Crow. In a move that surprised and dismayed many in Clan Snow Raven - including Khan Lynn McKenna - Harper declined the nomination, feeling that his skills were better suited toward maintaining balance in the Raven Clan Council. Instead, he opted to remain Loremaster of the Snow Ravens, a post he has held since 3056. This decision increased his already healthy level of respect amongst his fellow warriors, though some viewed it in a suspicious light, especially former saKhan Bryn Cooper, who incorrectly viewed Harper as a rival to his position.[3]

Loremaster Harper is also noted for being the keeper of an item called simply "The List". This list contains every event and factor relating to every warrior in Clan Snow Raven. It delineates a clear chain of command from the Khan down to the newest warrior of his Clan, ranking each one to an exact place within the hierarchy of Clan Snow Raven. If an officer becomes incapacitated, the List dictates who is next in command, helping to avoid an over-reliance on higher ranking officers to cover for such situations.[4][5]

Flight of the RavenEdit

As the years progressed, the Word of Blake Jihad dawned in the Inner Sphere while the Ravens began to move resources to the Outworlds Alliance after negotiating several deals with the Periphery nation to use certain planets as bases of operation for the Snow Raven merchant fleet.[6][7] After the attack on the Snow Raven Swift Wing Naval Assault Star over Ramora in the Outworlds Alliance, Khan McKenna ordered and immediate retaliation against the Draconis Combine. Loremaster Harper accompanied Star Admiral Lydia Sukhanov and the Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star as they cut a swath into the Combine. He issued the ultimatum for civilians to flee before commencing the bombardment and destruction of the entire surface of Galedon V. He also witnessed the Trial of Annihilation fought afterward to destroy two ships infected with the virulent bio-engineered plague known as the Curse of Galedon.[8][9]

This incident was not without consequences at home, as several Clans - mainly the so-called Snake Alliance - decided that the Snow Ravens deserved punishment for this atrocity. Several worlds fell, and more would have followed had not Loremaster Harper found out about Clan Diamond Shark's dealing of Clan technologies to the Federated Suns, which successfully distracted the ire of the other Home Clans. As the Snow Ravens accelerated their plans to ally the Outworlds Alliance and move much of their resources out of the Kerensky Cluster, Loremaster Harper was dispatched with a large portion of the Snow Raven fleet to help negotiate terms with the Periphery nation. These talks would lead to the eventual establishment of the Raven Alliance.[10]

Aftermath of War and the FutureEdit

As the Raven's forced departure from the Clan Homeworlds was completed and the Jihad finally died down, problems with certain genetic lines became apparent as they set up their new genetic repository on Dante. Loremaster Harper suspected tampering by the Society, suspicions that were later proven correct.[2]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Loremaster of Clan Snow Raven

Succeeded by


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