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This article is about the vehicle. For other uses, see Knox (disambiguation).
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Knox Armor Car
Production information
Manufacturer Gienah Automotive[1][2]
Production Year 2947[3]
Use Civilian Armor Transport
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Standard)[1][2]
Chassis Type (Size) Medium (Wheeled)[1][2]
Equipment Rating D/X-E-D[2]
Introduced 2947
Technical specifications
Mass 12 Tons[1][2]
Speed 50 Kmp
Top Speed 80 Kmp
Power Plant I.C.E.[1][2]
Fuel (Type/Range) Petrochemical/1,250 km[1][2]
Armament Machine Gun[1][2]
Heat Sinks None[1][2]
Armor BAR 10[1][2]
Crew 3 (3 enlisted/non-rated, 1 gunner)[2]


The Knox Armored Car is an ancient civilian armored car used throughout the Inner Sphere. The vehicle was first conceived by the Terran Hegemony, but had spread to the rest of the known worlds. The vehicle is usually used to transport valuables between banks and other storage sites. Over centuries of use, various organizations have purchased the Knox. Militia forces have attempted to press the vehicle into military service as an Armored Personal Carrier. However, these efforts failed due to the vehicle's poor cargo capacity and lack of off-road capabilities.[1][2]

The Knox, being a well-known design and highly well used for the transportation of money and other valuables, has been made a target of criminal elements and bandits. Most noted of these robberies occurred in 3059 on Alexandria. Known later as the Briggs Armored Car robbery, the Knox was escorted by two Commando BattleMechs from the Alexandria Freedom Theater Militia. Criminals discovered that a shipment of valuable gems was being transported. These criminals acquired and used a number of Gray Death Battle Suits and successfully robbed the truck. This led Gineah Automotive to develop the Bailey Armored Car.[1][2]

Equipment and CapabilitiesEdit

The vehicle's only mounted weapon is a Machine Gun that is mounted in the vehicle's turret. The Knox has a half-ton of ammunition feeding the gun. The vehicle is protected by a ton of BAR 10 grade Heavy Commercial armor. A Basic Fire Control system is also provided.[1][2]

The vehicles features an Armored Chassis and Control Modification.[1][2]


The vehicle has a 1.5 ton Cargo capacity with a access door in rear of the vehicle.[1][2]


There are no published record sheets or battle value for this vehicle as of this writing.


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