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In the First SLDF a Major General commanded a Division or sometimes a Corps. Frequently they were in charge of the defense of a vital world that could be attacked.[1] In the Second SLDF a Major General would have the same responsibilities.[2]

The naval equivalent of a Major General was a Vice Admiral. Typically they would command the naval presence in a military region.

A Major General wore two three dimensional stars as their rank insignia, while a Vice Admiral wore two purple stripes on their cuffs.

SLDF Rank insignia
Rank Insignia
Major General  

Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran AllianceEdit

The LAAF equivalent of a Major General is a Kommandant-General. These officers typically serve as the executive officer of a Combat Theater, and are responsible for making sure that every combat unit in their theater is ready for combat. The LAAF Navy uses the rank of Hauptmann-Kommodore to identify these officers.[3]

Their rank insignia is the same four silver pips arranged in a cross pattern used by a Hauptmann General, with a black pearl covering the center point where the pips meet.

LAAF Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia

Armed Forces of the Federated SunsEdit

In the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, a Major General is usually the executive officer of a March Militia unit[4]. Since the March Militia's units are spread over a large number of worlds, a Major General needs to use tact and political acumen as well as tactical and strategic military skills. In a battle, the Major General usually assumes command of a regiment that is vital to the commanding officer's plans.

The equivalent naval rank is Vice Admiral.

Major Generals wear epaulets with three broad bands across the base.

Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Infantry Armor Naval Crew Technical
Administrative Medical Legal Logistics/
Major General
(Vice Admiral)

Free Rasalhague RepublicEdit

In the KungsArmé a Generalmajor leads one of the smaller administrative departments, like Administration or Military Education. KungsArmé Generalmajors rarely serve in the field.[5] These officers wear a green patch with a gold Roman numeral "2" to show their rank.

KungsArmé Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia


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