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Krüger Von Rohrs

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Krüger Von Rohrs
Born 2460[1]
Died 2510[1]
Affiliation House Von Rohrs
Coordinator of the Draconis Combine
Parents Kozo Von Rohrs (father)
Siblings Yama Von Rohrs[1]
Marika Von Rohrs[1]
Nengo Von Rohrs[1]

Krüger Von Rohrs was the ninth Coordinator of the Draconis Combine from 2508 to 2510.


Kruger Von Rohrs was the last coordinator of the Von Rohrs line. When Yama was deposed from the position of Coordinator and imprisoned by Martin McAllister and his conspirators in 2508[2], he was more than happy to take the post.[3]

He died like the rest of his family when Martin McAllister killed him and his entire family in late November 2510 with the direct help of Blaine Sorenson's eldest son Jarod Sorenson, who died during the coup.[3]



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