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Units of the Lyran MilitaryEdit

The bulk of the Lyran TOE consists of pre-existing LCAF units who returned home upon the break-away of the Alliance from the Federated Commonwealth, though a small number of new and renamed formations exist. Only BattleMech or mixed units are listed below - associated conventional assets are considered attached to these commands for convenience.

Deployment StatusEdit

In 2750 the LCAF had a strength of 52 BattleMech Forces and 40 WarShips. As of 2765 they where well equipped with 90 'Mech regiments, and the naval fleet had a volume of 62 vessels.[1]

Arcturan GuardsEdit

Arcturan Guards
The Arcturan Guards were the first Lyran national unit mustered to defend the nascent Lyran Commonwealth. Named for the original capital world of the Commonwealth, the Arcturan Guards traditionally recruited a plurality of their soldiers from Arcturus. However, these recruitment practices have been relaxed, especially because Arcturus is now mostly abandoned. The brigade is traditionally well-equipped. The parade color for the unit is flat white.
  8th Arcturan Guards
(destroyed during Operation Revival)
11th Arcturan Guards
15th Arcturan Guards
17th Arcturan Guards
19th Arcturan Guards
20th Arcturan Guards
23rd Arcturan Guards
24th Arcturan Guards
25th Arcturan Guards

Lyran GuardsEdit

Lyran Guards
The Lyran Guards were the second Lyran brigade mustered after the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. Unlike the Arcturan Guards, the Lyran Guards recruited its soldiers from across the Commonwealth, and, second only to the Royal Guards, is the most prestigious commission in the LCAF. At its zenith, the Lyran Guards numbered 60 regiments. The Lyran Guards paint their machines in Lyran blue and white.
  1st Lyran Guards
(destroyed on Orkney
by Clan Jade Falcon)
2nd Lyran Guards
(destroyed on
Port Moseby in 2789)
3rd Lyran Guards
5th Lyran Guards
6th Lyran Guards
10th Lyran Guards
11th Lyran Guards
(disbanded after Operation SERPENT?)
13th Lyran Guards
(confused with the 30th Lyran Guards)
14th Lyran Guards
15th Lyran Guards
19th Lyran Guards
(destroyed on Jabuka
by Clan Steel Viper)
24th Lyran Guards
26th Lyran Guards
30th Lyran Guards
32nd Lyran Guards
36th Lyran Guards
54th Lyran Guards
(destroyed during
the 1st Succession War)

Lyran RegularsEdit

Lyran Regulars
Originally a Lyran national brigade (mustered, disbanded and remustered) used for hopeless missions, the Lyran Regulars were raised from Lyran veterans, hired mercenaries, the remnants of the Rim Worlds Republic Military and the SLDF, which remained in Lyran space. The Lyran Regulars lack patronage and specialize in tactics considered "unorthodox" within the LAAF. As such, the Lyran Regulars are the only brigade lacking a political agenda. The modern Lyran Regulars are basically a training cadre, and are generally poorly equipped. The Lyran Regulars paint their equipment "drab green" (mottled between olive and pine green), with tan or khaki highlights.
  1st Lyran Regulars
(destroyed during Operation Revival)
3rd Lyran Regulars
4th Lyran Regulars
5th Lyran Regulars
7th Lyran Regulars
8th Lyran Regulars
9th Lyran Regulars
10th Lyran Regulars
11th Lyran Regulars
15th Lyran Regulars

Royal GuardsEdit

Royal Guards
The Lyran Royal Guards are the best equipped and most prestigious brigade within the LAAF, but mostly serve as the protectors of the Lyran government. Each unit within the Royal Guards recruits by invitation only from soldiers of a particular parent state, meaning that each of the Royal Guards regiments represents the pinnacle of military prowess for either the Protectorate of Donegal, the Federation of Skye, or the Tamar Pact. The Royal Guards are also tasked with the protection of the Archon or Archon-Designate, and the Triad. In fact, the BattleMechs that stand constant garrison over the Lyran throne room are elements of the 1st Royal Guards. The Royal Guards paint their machines a base of Lyran blue, with gold painted on the left and right side.
  1st Royal Guards
2nd Royal Guards
3rd Royal Guards
4th Royal Guards
(destroyed on Caledonia, 2848)

Winfield's BrigadeEdit

Originally formed as the Winfield Guards, the Brigade is a mixed-weapon unit. It 'Mechs are usually of medium weigth.

Corps Inaugurated by the Lyran AllianceEdit

Alliance GuardsEdit

Those Federated Commonwealth Corps RCTs who chose to remain in the Alliance after the break-away were renamed under the banner of the Alliance Guards. The brigade has not been re-equipped, and uses mostly outdated war materiel. The paint scheme for Alliance Guards is brown and tan.

Alliance JaegersEdit

Alliance Jaegers
Founded in the wake of the formation of the Lyran Alliance, the Alliance Jaegers were an effort to boost Lyran nationalism, with a Jaeger unit for each of the Alliance Provinces of the original Lyran Commonwealth. The Alliance Jaegers are well equipped, and each unit also will only recruits from among the best soldiers from its state of origin. Each unit uses a different base color - the left side of each BattleMech or Vehicle is then checkered with white.
  1st Alarion Jaegers
1st Bolan Jaegers
1st Coventry Jaegers
(destroyed during FedCom Civil War)
1st Donegal Jaegers
1st Skye Jaegers

Regional CorpsEdit

Donegal GuardsEdit

Donegal Guards
The Donegal Guards predate the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. Originally the defensive force of the Protectorate of Donegal, the Donegal Guards are a large and well supplied unit, mostly because the Protectorate of Donegal was not ravaged by the Succession Wars. Donegal Guards fight with dogged determination. At its zenith, the brigade numbered 20 BattleMech regiments and an addition 80 regiments of conventional forces. The Donegal Guards paint their BattleMechs and Combat Vehicles blue-gray.
  2nd Donegal Guards
3rd Donegal Guards
4th Donegal Guards
5th Donegal Guards
6th Donegal Guards
7th Donegal Guards
8th Donegal Guards
(destroyed during the Jihad)
10th Donegal Guards
(destroyed during Operation Revival)
11th Donegal Guards
12th Donegal Guards
(destroyed during Operation Revival)
13th Donegal Guards
14th Donegal Guards
17th Donegal Guards

Skye RangersEdit

Skye Rangers
The Skye Rangers have been the military of the Federation of Skye, prior the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. The Skye Rangers always maintained close ties to its parent state, and recruited almost exclusively from the Federation. As such, the Rangers are rather loyal to the Federation of Skye than the Commonwealth or the Archon. Thus, the brigades loyalties are questionable. The brigade paints its BattleMechs dark red with black arms, and highlights specific to the unit.
  4th Skye Rangers
10th Skye Rangers
(dissolved after the
Battle of Coventry)
17th Skye Rangers
22nd Skye Rangers
Skye Guard

Tamar JagersEdit

The Tamar Jagers were the state-sponsored Corps of the Tamar Pact.

Tamar CavaliersEdit

The Tamar Cavaliers are a recently mustered unit. Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner raised the unit from his only fortune, with the mandate of liberating Tamar Pact worlds from The Clans. The Cavaliers use a red a silver paint scheme.

Tikonov Republican GuardEdit

Tikonov Republican Guard
Formed from the remnants of the CCAF stationed within the former Tikonov Commonality, the Tikonov Republican Guard was the garrison of the Tikonov Free Republic, and was absorbed by the Federated Commonwealth after the assassination of Lord Pavel Ridzik. The units use a red and black paint scheme.
  1st Republican
(destroyed during FedCom Civil War)
2nd Republican
(destroyed during FedCom Civil War)
3rd Republican
(destroyed during FedCom Civil War)
4th Republican
(deserted during Operation Guerrero)
5th Republican
(destroyed during Operation Guerrero)


The information below covers all militias in service in 3062, as well as those defeated during the first waves of the Clan Invasion.

In 3062, all militias use pale blue with region-specific highlights. Abreviations: APM, Alarion Province Militia; BPM, Bolan Province Militia; CPM, Coventry Province Militia;

Province Militias - interior garrisons

(APM, Alarion; BPM, Bolan; CPM, Coventry; SPM, Skye; DPM, Donegal - there is no DPM as of 3062)

Theater Militias - border defenses

(CTM, Cavanaugh II; FTM, Freedom; MTM, Melissia; PTM, Pandora; TTM, Timbuktu)

Militias destroyed during Operation Revival (TMM, Tamar March Militia)

See AlsoEdit


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